Posterity for All

For Posterity

Know that life has purpose and meaning

There’s grace

And spring time

There are northern lights

And twinkling stars that fill the night

There’s warm earth

that crumbles between your toes

An ocean that roars

And eagles that soar

There’s a presence that can be felt

Within the silence of a moment

And a love that conquers ALL things

For Posterity

There’s a mountaintop, I’ve reached without climbing

A valley’s depth I’ve touched without falling

A connection I’ve felt

With a land without my footstep

Physical borders and spiritual immortals

His grace is sufficient for me……

Allow Me to ReIntroduce Myself

I am who the I AM says I am!

A messenger of ever evolving enlightenment through experience, appointment, and purpose.

I am here to inspire, to reconcile, to worship!

A giver of love, seeker of truth, being of light.

A broken girl

mended by God’s grace

healed by God’s love