Shadows of Candlelight

It’s built on a promise, the faith needed to sustain an entire lifetime, a desire so prominent that it outweighs the option to choose life.  It’s the irony of the sweetness in surrender, because we fight so hard for control.  It’s the depth of the shallowest pool, because the reflection of the sky conceals how deep the water is not.  You’re left in a state of amazing awe, amazing grace, drifting in the sweetest sound, the most endearing light, filled in an ever flowing abundance of unconditional love that you’ve never wanted because you would have never imagined it exists.  Peace within an enormous storm being over swept by tsunamis of erratic emotions, can you imagine? Peace. The ability to know what you didn’t know at the exact moment that you need to know it, though listed as magical…. it’s not magic.  To hear what the deaf hear, and see what the blind see…….ignorance is not bliss.  It’s important to know.  Have you experienced Jesus?

Tree Of Awesomeness – Two

I imagine looking out the living room window from the second floor of my apartment building, daydreaming and inhaling the scents of the downstairs café. My view beckons me, well actually it’s the tree… calls out to me, luring lost creativity from the depths of soul to liberate my spirit. It’s my place, the tree…it evokes me to know myself. I can see us, feet propped up on a wooden bench, sipping on coconut water, inhaling the occasional breeze of freshly brewed coffee. Birds on the wires chirping at passerbyers, as the leaves rustles whispers of a tree’s wisdom.

Don Charisma

I love this tree, it’s huge !

The power cables run right through the tree, hardly surprising the transformers are always blowing up here 🙂

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

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