Posterity for All

For Posterity

Know that life has purpose and meaning

There’s grace

And spring time

There are northern lights

And twinkling stars that fill the night

There’s warm earth

that crumbles between your toes

An ocean that roars

And eagles that soar

There’s a presence that can be felt

Within the silence of a moment

And a love that conquers ALL things

For Posterity

There’s a mountaintop, I’ve reached without climbing

A valley’s depth I’ve touched without falling

A connection I’ve felt

With a land without my footstep

Physical borders and spiritual immortals

His grace is sufficient for me……

Love Is


Love is

Ice chamomile tea on a warm summer’s day

While lazily swaying on a porch swing


Inhaling the breath of honeysuckles

as the occasional breeze graces your face

Listening to a soft rock chorus of jay birds singing

with a random shout from a frog’s Amen corner


Love is the Son’s warm embrace

As the sun’s rays shine glorious light down from the heavens


It’s hard not to know that love is here

Announcing itself

as alarming as a bee’s buzz


jolting you into the reality of its’ existence

Love MUST be acknowledged

with all the sweetness of its’ nectar

Love is

the comfortability of knowing

that the dark clouds are bellowing

in the sweetest smell of rain

A cool shower


on a hot summer’s evening

Warmth of the earth embracing your toes

Soaking in the pain


that the rain

washes away

Love is

soft kisses

and gentle touches


The stance of protection


the honor of second chances

Love is

conditioned to be



Love is aware

Awareness of self


Surrenderance to God


Serviced to others