supermen do not wear capes…

I just had to share this post because it offers insight on the profoundness of such a simple moment! How much joy have we, crazy adults, missed out on by missing these simple moments that overflow in love and joy. And we dare to forget that moments make memories that will linger a lifetime, offering smiles when remembered during rainy days. Please enjoy….

making it up as i go

DSC_0539DSC_0529DSC_0537DSC_0544DSC_0560DSC_0561DSC_0571 (1)DSC_0582DSC_0495DSC_0507…they carried, instead, colorful ropes & one old chainsaw. I’ve said & written this before, but i’m just going to keep repeating myself…in hope that it may change, at least one person’s view of their world.

It is said that we are to live in the present. live in the moment. it is hard for adults to do this. children live this way. which is why your child looks at you, as though your crazy, when you’ve said, “WE are Late, Hurry Up & Put Your Shoes on NOW!” child are unaware of the future. children live by no clock…they are ruled only by their hunger & tiredness. child see no color in anyone they meet. children do not see the poor, the rich…they meet & they play. it is only when we’ve grown up that the world is ruled by the clock. and we just others around us…

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