Free Liberation

Green is the color of my revolution

As the sun heats my awareness

My stems cry out

Screaming out blooms of


Stretching for liberation

Reaching for freedom

Green is the color of my revolution

Rooted in the dirty nutrients of oneness

There is breath

Clear as the green ocean vibrating the blueness of the skies

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My leaves wilt

From the heavy burdens of despair

White is the color of my rage

That swells within my throat

Choking me

Drowning me

in an airless existance

that lasts longer than the seconds it takes to muffle the cries of a constant victim

The dumbness to surrend to the numbness while seeking shelter from the pain

Without awareness

there’s no solution to the polution

of the minds

of our hearts

the silencing of their souls is deafening

Green is the color of my revolution

Producing lfe cycles

growing, reaching, surviving,


Green Revolutions to cure the strange fruit…..