Six Months Later…..

Six months later,images (46) and it seems just like yesterday that we stood hand in hand, gazing into each other’s eyes.  Protected in love’s warmth on a cold Tuesday evening, we stood listening as words of wisdom were imparted on our unity, committing vows under a covenant with God.  A dimly lit room, loved ones were few (but of the most importance), and jazzy attire instead of wedding day glamour.  Yet the worries of having the wedding of my dreams were lost in the truth of having the man of my dreams.  That night was filled with purpose, a moment of “what is meant to be, will be.”

It had been a long time coming, a rocky road of break up to make up moments that almost ended in a permanent vacation, but greater was destined to be.  We had been together for so long, even a 3 year shack up experience, that I really didn’t think being married would change the love and sentimental mushiness that I felt for him, but it did.  Marriage opened up a whole other level of completeness, safety, and security, and especially the comfort of knowing that we were now in God’s will.

There have been a couple of rollercoaster pitfalls, but they create an “in it to win it” attitude that ultimately lead back to the top of the world and levels out.  They shed light on the devastation of selfishness and expounds on the dire importance of understanding true love is the ability to love someone as you love yourself.  The ability to know that there will be mistakes, inconsiderate words are spoken, feathers will be ruffled, egos will be hurt, disagreements become arguments but love and forgiveness conquers all.  I’m confident in knowing that I married someone who would never intentionally hurt me and ultimately wants what’s best for me, and I completely reciprocate that notion.  So being mindful of pity parties and pettiness will make it easier to allow yourself to promote a forgive and forget attitude.  After all we’ve become a team, a dynamic duo, the starting lineup working for the common good of the life we are building for ourselves.abd01420b90f80c70c9fc3c6c57cd3d5

Then there is the whole spiritual aspect of marriage, which is the making of a new post (stay tuned).  For now I just want to express my heartfelt gratefulness and my absolute love for my husband.  Six months down and a lifetime around “the one whom my soul loves”- Song of Solomon

images (45)

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