Six Months Later…..

Six months later,images (46) and it seems just like yesterday that we stood hand in hand, gazing into each other’s eyes.  Protected in love’s warmth on a cold Tuesday evening, we stood listening as words of wisdom were imparted on our unity, committing vows under a covenant with God.  A dimly lit room, loved ones were few (but of the most importance), and jazzy attire instead of wedding day glamour.  Yet the worries of having the wedding of my dreams were lost in the truth of having the man of my dreams.  That night was filled with purpose, a moment of “what is meant to be, will be.”

It had been a long time coming, a rocky road of break up to make up moments that almost ended in a permanent vacation, but greater was destined to be.  We had been together for so long, even a 3 year shack up experience, that I really didn’t think being married would change the love and sentimental mushiness that I felt for him, but it did.  Marriage opened up a whole other level of completeness, safety, and security, and especially the comfort of knowing that we were now in God’s will.

There have been a couple of rollercoaster pitfalls, but they create an “in it to win it” attitude that ultimately lead back to the top of the world and levels out.  They shed light on the devastation of selfishness and expounds on the dire importance of understanding true love is the ability to love someone as you love yourself.  The ability to know that there will be mistakes, inconsiderate words are spoken, feathers will be ruffled, egos will be hurt, disagreements become arguments but love and forgiveness conquers all.  I’m confident in knowing that I married someone who would never intentionally hurt me and ultimately wants what’s best for me, and I completely reciprocate that notion.  So being mindful of pity parties and pettiness will make it easier to allow yourself to promote a forgive and forget attitude.  After all we’ve become a team, a dynamic duo, the starting lineup working for the common good of the life we are building for ourselves.abd01420b90f80c70c9fc3c6c57cd3d5

Then there is the whole spiritual aspect of marriage, which is the making of a new post (stay tuned).  For now I just want to express my heartfelt gratefulness and my absolute love for my husband.  Six months down and a lifetime around “the one whom my soul loves”- Song of Solomon

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Posterity for All

For Posterity

Know that life has purpose and meaning

There’s grace

And spring time

There are northern lights

And twinkling stars that fill the night

There’s warm earth

that crumbles between your toes

An ocean that roars

And eagles that soar

There’s a presence that can be felt

Within the silence of a moment

And a love that conquers ALL things

For Posterity

There’s a mountaintop, I’ve reached without climbing

A valley’s depth I’ve touched without falling

A connection I’ve felt

With a land without my footstep

Physical borders and spiritual immortals

His grace is sufficient for me……

Shadows of Candlelight

It’s built on a promise, the faith needed to sustain an entire lifetime, a desire so prominent that it outweighs the option to choose life.  It’s the irony of the sweetness in surrender, because we fight so hard for control.  It’s the depth of the shallowest pool, because the reflection of the sky conceals how deep the water is not.  You’re left in a state of amazing awe, amazing grace, drifting in the sweetest sound, the most endearing light, filled in an ever flowing abundance of unconditional love that you’ve never wanted because you would have never imagined it exists.  Peace within an enormous storm being over swept by tsunamis of erratic emotions, can you imagine? Peace. The ability to know what you didn’t know at the exact moment that you need to know it, though listed as magical…. it’s not magic.  To hear what the deaf hear, and see what the blind see…….ignorance is not bliss.  It’s important to know.  Have you experienced Jesus?


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So my word for 2014 is actually a phrase, it is Give Love. Seek Truth. Be Light.  Every day I am purposed to do this.  I pondered on a New Year’s Resolution for the entire month of December.  I had conversations with myself about creating a list of things I want to do, to change, and to be in the New Year.  In grasping for ideas, I interrupted myself to remind me to reflect on what I had accomplished and what I failed at in 2013.  The whole idea of reflection and resolutions seemed so important as I read the blog posts and Facebook status of others.  But when I tried to reflect and resolve on my own accord, the conversation became too noisy.  There are so many things I would like to accomplish in 2014.  Most of them are things I wanted to accomplish in 2013.

Of course, I jumped over a couple of hurdles, crossed through a couple of goals, and I managed to survive, but 2013 just seemed a little mundane.  I became aware of a lot of things, but I really didn’t put action to my awareness.  I didn’t awake to my awareness.  Oh, that’s a good one, “Awake to My Awareness.”  This is exactly why I need to write.  Writing quiets conversations, allowing me only to think on one thing at a time.  When I started writing this post, it was to proclaim that my resolution for 2014 is to Give Love.Seek.Truth.Be Light.  Now as I reflect on my writing, I see the need to awake to my awareness.  I recently had a conversation with a couple of friends about the annoyance of New Year’s Resolutions.  Hearing people say, “2014 is going to be my year”, was like sticking daggers in my ears.  I couldn’t stand it.  But this new need for purpose that I have was compelling me to reflect and resolve.  “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  I don’t know the author of this quote, but that is a life changing quote.  If you don’t have something to work toward, nothing is going to happen.  If you don’t have an end result that you want to reach, how do you know what you’re working toward?  And if you don’t have steps (goals) to take to get to the end result, how do you know how close you are to achieving something great?

So I’ve heard others, who are anti New Year’s Resolutions, saying they have a word as a theme for the New Year.  For instance, I am fasting with a church and the theme is Purpose.  We’re fasting for Purpose, and I thought; what a great theme for the entire year, to find Purpose in all that I do.  And this, changes my whole thought process!  And I’m thinking, I need a focus point in my theme, I need more than just one word.  I want to overhaul and revamp my whole life, change everything!  2014 is the year of action, change, and breaking barriers, and it deserves more than just a one word theme.  Give Love.Seek Truth. has been apart of my journey through mindfulness for a while now, and so I immediately heard those words when I thought about a focus point.  To Be Light. is the manifestation of giving love and seeking truth.  And so, I’d like to introduce my focus point for the year of 2014:  Give Love.Seek Truth.Be Light.

Giving love is a commandment.  We are commanded to love others as we love ourselves and to love others as Christ loves us.  Love breaks yokes, love overcomes fear, is the only way to truly know God.  Love conquers all.  God is love.  So it is important for me to saturate myself in love and in all that I do, Give love.

Seek truth, for it shall set you free! We are to diligently seek Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and life; and God will reward those who seek Him.  Truth is the light that guides us; we are to worship God in spirit and in truth.  There is so much that God has in store for us, but we must seek Him, we must study His word, and be obedient to His will.  We must seek Him spiritually, because some matters can only be discerned spiritually.  God is a spirit and we have a spirit, so we communicate spiritually.  I desire to always be in His will, so I need to be able to always hear what He is telling me, so daily, I shall seek truth.  It’s not enough to have a zeal for God.  People die for lack of knowledge; lives are destroyed.  Jesus is truth, therefore I will Seek truth.

Being light unto the nations; light is the manifestation of Giving Love and Seeking Truth.  Have you ever been around someone who does not boast and brag about whom they are and what they have? Have you ever been around a Christian, who does not announce their Christianity through words, but you can tell, because of the way they handle themselves; they make you feel loved and special, like you really matter and they handle themselves respectfully.  They have a certain air or aura, which gently commands attention and respect, allowing light to shine, from the inside out.  Understanding God’s love and incorporating it into your life, seeking Jesus and accepting His teaching as truth, having faith and being obedient to His will, will change your life.  And Holy Spirit will begin to guide you, allowing God’s light to shine through you.

This is the desire of my heart.  And I understand that in order to accomplish these things, I must do each step on purpose.  I must be mindful of how I speak and interact with people, so that I am giving love.  I must be mindful to pray and converse with God, worship and praise God, and study His word, so that I am seeking (truth) Him.  I must be mindful to live righteously and to be obedient and faithful to God’s will, so that I am shining (His) light.

And so 2014 represents the re dedication of my life to God, surrendering my heart, soul, and will to Him, and taking purposeful action to Give Love. Seek Truth. Be Light.  I will not just be Aware; I will be Awake, mindfully.

My future is bright...

My future is bright…