Extra and Ordinary

An ordinary day with a few extra surprises, adding sunset horizons dripping into Georgia red clay.  Known for the hotness of heat it was hard to compete with the Son, nevertheless she wanted to be the best.  She wanted to fit the profile, bohemian style, light, airy, fancy and free, the extraordinary type, as deep as the sea.  An ordinary marble hindered her desire, loosening the grip on created reality.  Where it could be found, there were too many cracks in the ground, leaving her to feel it was a waste of time.  Time’s not wasted on the path of transformation as long as you’re moving forward.  An extra unction in her soul, forgotten memories allows a bitterness hold, but forgiveness is given to create a new mold.  She doesn’t have to be the same or even considered sane, just an ordinary girl willing to her surrender world to God.

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