Divine Encounters

Overwhelming Love

Have you ever felt an emotional wave so strong that it dropped you to your knees?  Imagine that feeling that swells up from inside of you causing an out pouring of snot and tears.  A feeling so strong that the energy of this emotion expels from your very being, manifested as comforting chills that send sensations against your skin.  The presence of peace is penetrating, compelling your Spirit to bow in reverence.  It’s a feeling so enormous in strength that an experience is created.  An unforgettable experience imprinted into your very soul.

An experience of unconditional love that is physically felt.  From the bottom of the belly, gentle waters began to rush and swirl causing small sprouts of inspiration.  I felt removed from the place where I began, as if I was surrounded by natural light.  It was Pentecost Sunday and I had been desiring an encounter.  Being spiritually baptized within Holy Spirit was a physical as being dunked into the water.  Surrendering me, receiving Him, releasing a foreign tongue, I remember feeling my tongue moving effortlessly, hitting the roof of my mouth as I released an unknown, yet familiar, sound.

I was baptized in the water and within Holy Spirit at a very young age.  I remember waiting to hear the words of a sacred language in mind so that I could speak them out loud, but they were never revealed to me.  Throughout the years, after rededicating my life to live through faith, I often wondered if and when this gift would be given.  I had faith, I believed, yet my foreign tongue was silent.

Now, here I stood at the alter on Pentecost Sunday desiring to be baptized within Holy Spirit, once again, some 20 years later.  And though, I did not hear the words of a sacred language in mind, I felt Holy Spirit release them from within me.  The baptism occurred without any effort or conscious decision of mine, except for yielding to Holy Spirit.  Affirmation of God’s unconditional love blanketed me like the heaviness of a feathered goose down comforter.  As I returned to my seat, I felt soaked from the inside out.

That was the most powerful spiritual exposure I had ever encountered, until the fire tunnel.  Our church service continued as my pastor explained divine instructions he’d been given.  I cannot provide you with the instructions in detail that he explained, as I was still relishing in my baptism experience, however I can give you the setup of the fire tunnel.  The tunnel was created by having 3 sets of 2 prayer intercessors, one standing on each side of you.  There were columns at the end of the tunnel that created a curve which represented the turning point in your life.  As you walked through, each set of intercessors would pray for you.  The congregation filed into a single line to walk through the fire tunnel.  As I stood in line, waiting my turn, I continued to experience the warmth and love and thankfulness of the moment.

Walking through the first set of prayer intercessors I began to feel the urgency of those rushing waters building up in my belly.  By the time I reached the second set there was an eruption, a complete flood out of the Spirit, bellowing from the inside out.  I held the hand of the intercessor that stood on the left side of me and immediately began to bow down in reverence…… I was worshipping at the feet of my Lord.  It was as if her hand was the only physical contact that I had with this realm, because I had been removed and placed at the feet of God.  In my mind I heard, “Holy, holy, holy,” but I know that’s not the sound that was coming from my mouth. I felt overcome with reverence for God.  Reverence in terms of admiration, adoration, worship, complete awe of His glory.  Time was irrelevant, as I’m not sure how long I remained there bowing and worshipping, but by the time I got to the last set of intercessors and the turning point of an appointed time of my life, I felt like I had just heaved the greatest worship I had ever given to God.  It was worshipping without thinking, worshipping with disregard for anything that was going on around me except for the presence of God, I worshipped Him with every part of my being.  What I released drained me and energized me simultaneously, and it was literally the most exhilarating encounter I have ever experienced.

I find the highest honor in being allowed to worship at the feet of my Savior, not that I am deserving in any way but by Grace.  I cherish every encounter I experience with God.  It’s truly amazing that in spite of all of my faults and imperfections, to serve a God that desires to wrap me in His love.  Being at Jesus’ feet is a time for learning (Luke 10:38-42), time for healing (Matt 15:30), a time for worship (Luke 7:38).  The scriptures make many references to sitting at Jesus’ feet, dominion over evil is at our feet, Jesus showing the importance of serving by washing Peter’s feet (John 13:8-14), and God making us like hinds’ feet so that we may sit in His high places (Psalms 18:33). What I’ve found is that we are to live a life of worship unto God in such a way that others will bow at His feet to worship.  Our life experiences, as believers, should be a testament of God’s glory to unbelievers!  We are to worship God in spirit and in truth.  Experience worshipping God with your love! Extravagant Worship!

I KNOW that there are many more divine encounters to experience in my life.  I pray that you all experience divine encounters with the Savior!

Love and Light to you,


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