A Sister’s Pen

To my sister, who is feeling low

Feeling like she has no place to go

Stuck on life’s merry- go- round

that happens to be, Not so merry

My sister,

That feels trapped

Without any rays of Sun

Without any ways to


Without anytime

To Stop

Knowing the world

Waits for None

To my sister,

Whose tears have

Overflowed the river’s run

Whose silk

Has been out spun

Repeating patterns

Can be undone

My heart sinks for you

Uncried tears

Causes throat clogging fears

To choke truth

From you

Leaving you speechless


Like unsweetened peaches

My heart weeps with you

Intangible defenses

Brick walled forts for the heart

Guarded by fear

Armed with bitterness

Clothed in hate

Protected by confusion

United with the loss of knowledge

Which leaves my people perished

My sister

My heart breaks for you

Cracks left by you

My love

Reaches for you

My spirit

Leaps for you

with Hope seeping through

wanting to soothe you

You’re not alone

Your journey

Is still to be honed

Time can’t be replaced

Your purpose was just misplaced

Your life

It, still has meaning

There’s time

Still remaining

Your clock has not run out

Just recharge

Your mind

Reach out


Your thoughts

to surmount

Defeat is not your end


Comes about

Breakdown those built up walls

Your heart

Will beat again

Trust God

You’ll surely Win


Will surely mend

The heartache

You’ve been forced in

All you have to do

Is Start

with God and you

My shoulder is here for you

My prayers are spoken too

With love,

You will get through

God has promises for you!



3 thoughts on “A Sister’s Pen

    • I am grateful for God’s love and light that we can share with each other in our times of need. May love and light overflow throughout your being!! Know that you are special to God, it His breath that gives you life!
      Many blessings to you, my Sister!

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s very true. Thank you so much dear. You are a divine and beautiful soul and a gift to humanity


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