Tune-Up Tuesdays

Every certain amount of miles that I drive, I have to send my car to the dealership for an oil change and a check-up.  They check my brakes, tire tread and alignment, and whatever else they think they can get money for fixing.

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Some of us go to the doctor ever so often for physicals and annual check-ups to make sure that our bodies and organs are functioning properly.

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We go to church on Sunday to have our spirits nourished, to be preached happy, and sometimes condemned by any sins committed throughout the week.  But what happens in between Sundays, after we’ve danced, sung praises, and spoke from the Amen corner?

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What about our minds?  Where are you going to renew your mind?  How many Monday mornings are you hitting you in the face before you realize it’s time to be tuned up?


Tune up Tuesdays is the reminder of that secret place that we go to fellowship and abide within our Father, where we go to seek His face, to seek His kingdom!  Our minds are exposed to so many things on a daily basis; our own problems, helping others with their problems, work problems, family problems, world problems, the list is endless.  But God promises peace and He is always with us.  We must acknowledge Him!  Literally, think of Him being right beside you. The question is never, “Where is God,” the question is, “Where am I?”  Because God said He will never leave us, so when we’re feeling alone, it’s because we’ve allowed our minds to be caught up in the situation and we need to renew our minds and align them with His word.

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Today’s Tune Up Tuesday Scripture:  “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.” – Psalms 19:14

*Meditating on God’s word is a great tool that can be used to tune up the mind! 


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