Validation needed Here!

As if my existence could only be proven by a simple response, I waited for acknowledgement.  Waited for my phone to ring, so that I would know I was important enough for you to respond to my call.  Waited to hear the sound of applause after giving birth to my soul on an open mic night.  Waited for a simple wave or gesture of recognition that you know who I am, because I see who you portray yourself to be.  Do you approve of the words that I’ve written, the thoughts that I’ve spoken, the gift that I’m giving.  Is it beautiful enough to be appreciated, profound enough to be enlightening, courageous enough for you to give me the title of being brave, being established, being more than the perception of a lazy procrastinator.  Are you able to see me?  Am I loud enough to be heard?  And if so, is my deliverance enough to be proven to show results.

What is this overwhelming need to feel validated by others?  Some of us would never reveal the secret thoughts that plague our minds, as they wonder what other people are saying or thinking of them.  Experiencing the dilemma of an altered perception of yourself due to other peoples’ opinions.  Left crippled, bound in fear, and spilling over from the thought overflow of inadequacies.

Why else would you expose yourself to the risk of rejection, if you hadn’t felt the gratification of being acknowledged, being praised, being applauded, being exposed to the validation that you are somebody.  To know you’re encouragement changed someone’s life, that you’re ability to do what you do affords you life’s luxuries, feeling the love of people you don’t even know all because of something you’ve said or done.  How exhilarating it must be to be “somebody.”  To be set apart and celebrated, to be given worth.

So here’s the thing, God created each one of us uniquely and in His image.  Before we even made the decision to believe that He existed, He loved us unconditionally.  Without condition, He gave His only Son to die for us, even though He already knew we would reject Him, be disobedient, selfish, and the depth of the darkest secrets that we may hold….He loves you.  We have been predestined as adopted sons and daughters of the most high God.  Isaiah 49:16, “Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.” You are literally in the palm of God’s hands, and He is always thinking about YOU!  “Even the hairs of your head are all numbered.” (KJV, Matt. 10:30)  How miniscule are the thoughts and praise of others compared to the thoughts, purpose, and power God has for you.  When you decided to accept Jesus into your life you became a son/daughter of God, adopted into the kingdom, and you have an inheritance. (Eph.1)  God’s grace and mercy cannot be earned, cannot be bought, and it cannot be inherited, it can only be given to you by God.  And He gives it to you simply because you believe.  Your life is worth more than diamonds and gold, and you have a purpose and gift that only you can fulfill.  God has specifically appointed you to go forth and prosper; He has specifically anointed you to speak, teach, write, sing, play instruments, dance, paint, heal, direct, lead, be the voice of a broken people; and He has specifically given you the power, the strength, the love, the patience, the courage, the endurance, the knowledge, the creativity to fulfill what He created you to do.

Searching for validation from others is simply the need to be validated in God. Thank God for His grace. So who cares if no one applauds, don’t stress if that person notices, and don’t be alarmed by the silence that eludes those you seek praise from.  Simply search your heart, surrender your will, and serve your Creator.  He rejoices over you, He loves you, His thoughts are of you to prosper, and have the desires of your heart.  Acknowledge Him for He is always with you.

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