More than Self Love

I recently took some time away from life, to find myself, on a weekend trip to the beach.  I felt like I needed some time to figure out how to love myself, how to nurture myself, and for some mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.  Prior to deciding to take the trip I was hearing messages about the importance of self-love everywhere.  On tv, on the radio, a few blog posts, I had a couple of conversations with other women who were feeling a little lost within themselves; with all them involving self-love.  Usually when this happens, I feel like God is trying to get my attention.  He speaks to me through confirmations sometimes, I believe it’s how He gets my attention when I’m not listening.  I even found a necklace and pendant, while on the trip, with the words, “Love you” on one side and, “More” on the other side.  Surely this was a sign that I was on the right path to this whole self-love thing. Image  What I ended up learning was that first, I must understand God’s love for me to truly be able to love myself.  You see, every problem that we have, every emptiness that we feel, every time we feel lost and confused, there is only one solution:  God.  His peace, His love, His strength, His understanding, His mercy, the list is endless, He is the solution to all things.  It’s not that there won’t be a storm, it’s that there will be peace in the storm.

I believe that there is a dire need for the expression of God’s love.  Of course, we all know that God loves us and that He sent His Son to die for our sins, which is the ultimate sacrifice.  But it is so much deeper than just saying that to someone.  Love conquers all things and simply God is love.  We all have a God given gift and purpose over our life and the result is the way you express God’s love to yourself and everyone around you.  God commands that you love others as you love yourself, which means you are commanded to love yourself.  You must know how to love yourself before you can know how to love others.  You begin this journey by seeking God (Matthew 6:33) and developing a relationship with Him.  He sent His Son, Holy Spirit, and His word to assist us on our journey.Image

It seems knowing that God loves us should be elementary. That’s the first thing we learn, it’s the first thing we say when we’re reaching out to someone who may not know Him.  God loves you.  I grew up in church, my Mom and Dad both are ministers, at one point in time we spent more time in church than at home.  However, it never occurred to me to actually study God’s love for me.  It should be evident in the sacrificing of His Son.  Jesus’s love should be evident in the sacrificing of Himself.  Yet, still there is more to be found in His love.  He created you, individually, separate from anyone else, for a purpose.  Maybe the sacrifice gets lost in translation because He sacrificed for everyone; He died on the cross for all of our sins. Image  So one may say, “He didn’t do it just for me, He didn’t so that everyone would have a chance.  If I get lost in the shuffle of life, I won’t be missed.”  That is a lie that is so far from the truth, it could only be conjured by the devil to keep you in deceived.  If you knew who you are in Christ, you would be unstoppable.  You have the power to usher in the presence of God and change any atmosphere, any problem, and any situation.  Everything must conform to the will of God, and He has given you the power to cause manifestation here on Earth.  Every problem is to be brought under your subjection; “for whatever you bind on Earth is bound in heaven.” (Matthew 18:18).

You are here for a reason that not only affects you. Image  The power He has given you is not just for your problem or your situation.  The abundance and prosperity that He has promised you is not just for you.  It is through you that God can share His love to the world.  Your life is purposed, it is destined, and it is to be filled with the fruit of the Spirit.  What God placed you here to do, no one else can do.  You are special, you are unique, and YOU HAVE A PURPOSE to fulfill.  Let’s start our journey seeking God, seeking His kingdom, and learning His love for us, so that we can live a life of purpose.




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