Wilted Flowers Grow Beautifully

A co-worker of mine bought  beautiful hydrangea flowers with sky blue petals and placed it in her windowsill to brighten up her office.  It filled the room with an alluring aroma as it welcomed in spring.  With only the hope of developing a green thumb, I decided to help her take care of the flowers, only to come back after the weekend break to find the flowers limped over, drooping in defeat.  It had not even been a whole a week and we had killed the flowers.  Without any knowledge or special skills, I decided to water the plant.  When my co-worker returned I explained to her that the plant died from loneliness over the weekend, but I had still given it water with hope of reviving it.  I didn’t have very high hopes that the plant’s life would be restored, it looked as if it had taken its last breath.  But what did I know, my thumb had yet to turn green.  As soon as she rounded the corner into her office, she yelled my name out.  I walked into the office astounded to see the flowers standing fully bloomed in all their glory. It was unbelievable.  I had tried to bring dying plants back to life by watering them before, but without prevail.  These flowers came back to life within a few hours of me watering them.  Not only does water sustain their life, it restores their life.


I began to think about a little girl, around the age of 13 years old, who was a client in our office.  She had come into our office with her guardians to meet with her attorney.  While the little girl was in the conference room speaking with her attorney, I overheard her guardian speaking to another lady about how she no longer wanted to care for this little girl.  My heart broke for this little girl, her guardian was her grandmother.  I can’t imagine at any point in time of my life, no matter what the wrong I had done, my grandmother not wanting me.  And before I can completely give thought to my grandmother not wanting me, I have to digest my mother not wanting me.  There are many reasons that a parent would decide to relinquish their rights to their child, some of which are very valid; adoption is a wonderful option.  But no matter how good the reason maybe, at some point in time throughout that child’s life, that choice will affect them negatively.  It could cause them to feel unwanted, not good enough, undeserving, as if they were too flawed to be kept.  This is only an opinion I have derived from my own thoughts of how I would feel if my mother gave me away.  This is especially true because I attribute all things that are positive about myself with the presence of mother being in my life.  I wanted to grab this grandmother by her shoulders and scream, “YOUR GRANDAUGHTER NEEDS YOUR LOVE!”  I can only imagine what this little girl has gone through to cause her to act out the way that she has, yet even with my anger, I feel the lost for a grandmother who has a granddaughter so out of control she no longer wants to have her around.

I watched this little girl as she sat with her grandparents waiting for her attorney.  I listened to her as she respectively interacted with her grandparents.  I saw so much potential in this little girl, if only she could be placed in a nurturing environment.  If only she could know what it felt like to be loved.  If only she could be taught how much God loves her and that He created her for a purpose.  If only she knew where the passion to share her gift could take her in God’s kingdom.  If only she knew how precious her life is and how much God wants her and desires to fulfill her dreams.  If only she could be exposed to what it truly means to be loved by God, to be able to love herself, and feel the need to love others.  If only she knew that she does not have to be a victim of life’s circumstances.

There are so many girls in this word who have been broken, left without nurture, love, or support, who have been abused; their spirits and hearts have been broken.  Waves of unworthiness, thoughts of hopelessness, valleys of fear and depression, lost in an unknown wilderness of defeat.  If only they knew their lives have meaning, purpose, and that their Creator delights in their prosperity.

“Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” – John 4:14

Wilted Flowers

You still have a chance

to grow

An opportunity

to thrive

A purpose

to be alive

Wilted Flowers

Your beauty’s still within

It takes only a step

to begin

No one can reach your roots

but you

Wilted Flowers

There’s love for your soul

That will overcome your spirit

You’re a treasure to hold

Created in your Saviour’s mold

Wilted Flowers

You have a chance to grow

The Son still embraces You

Longing to give you light

He still desires for your delight

Your purpose is still given

You are still precious

in His sight

Wilted Flowers Do Grow Beautifully


“For with God, nothing shall be impossible” -Luke 1:37

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