1. Life. It happens.  Mondays have been dreaded since long ago, the day of returning back to the grind.  Who decided that we should work 5 days and only be off 2 days anyway?  Nevertheless, having a job is a blessing.  Right?  We’re able to make the money we need to sustain our needs and go into to debt trying to obtain a desired lifestyle.  It sometimes feels like being on a hamster wheel, trying to reach the carrot dangling from the top.  The weekend offers a glimmer of what life could be like if we were not Wage Slaves.  Freedom.  Being able to choose when, what, where, and why for yourself. 48 hours to cram in as much fun, Sunday worship, creativity, family time, and cleaning as possible before Mundane Monday rears its’ dream crushing head.  Back to the grind. download (1)

And then there are relationships.  We have family and friends that require nurturing, attention, and comprise.  An endless cycle of voices asking for you to play with me, come with me; telling you to do this and do that; requesting lasagna instead of spaghetti.  Relationships are more so endearing, but at times they can be a bit overwhelming.

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Throughout the struggles of daily living it’s easy to get lost.  It seems easy to forget and harder to remember.  You miss the signs of the approaching storm and get lost in the tidal wave of “Who the heck the am I?”   “I used to be adventurous.  I used to have a backbone.  I never wanted to punch a time clock.  I would have never pictured my life to be like this.” “Who am I now?”  The joys of being 30 something.  Having an idea of what life will be like during your 20’s and finding out that things didn’t go quite like you expected them to.

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Sometimes we get so focused on loving others and making sure they’re happy, making sure you’re not the cause of them being unhappy, compromising, and trying to avoid arguments, you forget about yourself.  Yes, being able to take care for your loved ones and making them happy does make you happy.  It should.  We should find joy in creating love and harmony for others.  But what else makes you happy? download (3) And yes, happiness is a state of being, but sometimes it’s just too noisy to find it.  What are some personal things that you find joy in, other than food.  (Because I can totally lose myself in a Dark Chocolate with orange slices and almond slithers Lindt bar.  My own slice of heaven.)  Do you have a hobby that you engage in just because it makes you excited that you love to do it?  How often do you get extended periods of time where nothing is expected of you?  You don’t have to answer questions, explain things, or make sure that anyone is taken care of other than yourself.

Do not confuse nurturing yourself with being selfish.

Need an answer?

                                                                    Run Away!

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Sometimes we need a break, a refresher, an enlightening moment, a spark of inspiration.  In the movie, “Eat. Pray. Love.”, Elizabeth Gilbert sells everything she owns to fund a year long trip that she takes ALONE.  I love this movie for the simple fact of the audacity she has to do what her heart told her to do and that she travels to the three places that I most want to travel abroad.  And because Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses.  While selling everything for a year long trip may be a little extreme for most of us, taking any kind of trip ALONE is enough to jolt most of us out of the Monday Mundaneness of everyday living.

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My interpretation of the significance of eating, praying, and loving: Eating invokes a plethora of intimate little pleasures.  The taste, textures, and temperatures of food sends a certain delight to your very being.

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Prayer is so critical to your relationship with God and to your wellbeing.  Prayer is how you engage in conversation with God.  Tell Him how you feel.  Ask Him what is expected of you.  And ask Him to light your path so that you can operate in your purpose and passion.  Ask and tell Him whatever it is that you need answers for.


Love is essential to life, it is the essence of life, and God is love!  It is very important to know how to love yourself, in doing so you learn how to love others.

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Also you need to find things that you love to do (art journaling), love to see (a field full of sunflowers), love to hear (Nneka’s Concrete Jungle Album), love to go (the beach), love to drink (POM Juices), love to eat (indian food) whatever makes you excited that you love it (the smell of fresh lavender).

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One of the things that I want to do this year is experience a waterfall.  To take in the sound of the rushing water, to be spritzed by the mist of falling water, to inhale the fragrance of nature that thrives from it, and sit at the water’s edge with my feet in the water and just be.  So I started out trying to find an area not too far from where I live that I could take a trip and explore.  Everywhere I looked was at least an 8 hour drive away, which in my opinion doesn’t qualify as a vacation that’s only going to last 2 days.  The next best option:  The OBX!!  It’s only 45 minutes away.  And so I began to plan my weekend “Eat. Pray. Love.” trip to the beach, without having to sell a thing.  Within a couple of days I had the thought to rUn, planned where I would rUn to, and was packed and ready to rUn.  I’ve been engulfed in excitement since I made the decision.  A journal, pen, and beach towel in tow, the stars aligned for a weekend perfect for being mindful in the sun and sand.  After a prolonged winter, the sun will be quite a treat!

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