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images (5)Four months into 2014 and the fog has begun to cloud my thoughts.  Or maybe it’s the lack of being able to see the road blocks in enough time to reroute my navigation, nevertheless, I’d rather know that I’m lost then to believe I’m on course and not be.  Fortunately, WordPress accommodates the plight of a blogger and the fog begins to lift.  Initially, I signed up for Blogging 101 as a nudge to increase the frequency that I post, but I’ve somehow ended up in Blogging 201 and I’m embracing the challenge.  So our first assignment is to create 3 goals for blogs, and I decided to answer the prompt questions as well.

Goal Prompting:

I blog for inspiration and to inspire.  I write for motivation and to motivate.  I blog to connect with others.

To exceed my wildest dreams, my blog will be testimonies of faith, a haven for inspiration and motivation.  It will be filled with HELPFUL tips to living a naturally balanced life via spirit, body, and mind.  It will be a place of creative abundance in that it will be filled with bright colors, enlightened travels, manifestation of homemade ideas, inspiring life stories, gardens blooming with health, hope, and healing.  It will be the testimony of the Faith of believers.  I love the damask print in bright colors and I like paisley, as well as henna and mandala prints for a new design.  My posts will be filled with colorful stories, colorful light.  I will have at least 200,000 followers with a marketable high traffic flow.  Organic, health, spiritual, food, hair care, natural living, entrepreneurial, life transforming communities and seekers of truth will participate.  Discussions of God and His love, purpose, faith, abundance, life, living organically, living creatively, traveling, and liberation will be had.  I will post twice a week.

My Goals:

!.  Establish weekly topics and or themes.

2. Have at least 100 followers by the end of summer.

3. Create a desirable design.

7 thoughts on “Better Blogging

  1. I found your blog through browsing the 101 blogroll and discovering your intriguing url.
    Lovely theme–I look forward to reading more ^_^


  2. This is quite the space you have here. The colorful theme matches your content and your goals are quite attainable. There are a few ways to drive traffic: use tag sorter to locate blogs similar as yours. Read them, comment and engage, the blogger may come to your site. Also participating in daily prompts, writing and photo challenges will bring others to your site. Be sure to link the page at the end of your blog.


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